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You're Invited!

We Want To See You This Friday At an Event That Will Tear Down Walls, Spark Friendships, and Provoke Thought.  If You've Never Tried The Quest Youth Group Before, This Is Your Night To Do So.  If You Haven't Been In a While, This is One Event You Won't Want To Miss. 
Join Us This Friday, Feb. 18, at 7p.m. at the Quest House.
Prizes (we're giving away DVD's!!!), Food, Games (Mafia!), New Friends, & Total Fun!
Dear Members and Friends of the Quest Youth Group,
Our Quest Youth Group has experienced new growth as well as other changes over the last several months with the addition of almost a dozen new members and several  new policies.  After such growth and change it's important to "regroup," make sure we're still on the same page, and obtain your feedback.  I want to invite you to attend a very special event this Friday at 7p.m. at the Quest House.  The main purpose of this evening is to build unity and friendships.   We have some amazing new members that need to be welcomed into our brotherhood, as well as old members who need to reconnect with both new and old friends.  This is the night to do so, and to find out what Quest is really all about.
Bring Pillow...
Also, if you're a new member or haven't yet brought a pillow, Quest has a fun tradition we'd like to invite you to participate in.  We ask you to find a pillow (any shape, color, or size) that somehow represents you.  (Walmart or Value Village usually have a good assortment for a small price.)  Bring this pillow with you on Friday night, and be prepared to share briefly how this pillow represents you.  You'll then leave this pillow in our Quest meeting room to mark your place in our brotherhood.  Please do your best to attend, and call or e-mail us with any questions.  We look forward to seeing you Friday night!
(P.S.- if you know of someone you think would benefit from participating in the Quest Youth Group, please forward this invitation onto them.)

G.Y.A. & Quest Youth Group
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